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Achieving Hope
and Awareness Together. 

Trauma Support + Mind & Body Wellness

The Aha! Wellness Team

We work collaboratively to create a welcoming, inclusive, and safe space. Our integrated services are designed with your comfort in mind so that you can find what you need in one location. Our licensed practitioners specialize in mental health, physical wellness, and holistic services. Join us in customizing a wellness plan that fits your needs today!

Meet Our Team


Tali Elitzur, LCPC, LPC
Psychotherapist and Founder

Tali offers a safe, judgement-free space to heal while improving your relationship with yourself and increasing your sense of freedom and choice.


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Adelle Deriquito, LCPC, NCC, YTT-200, TIYTT-50
Yoga Therapist and Instructor

Adelle offers trauma-informed yoga for healing and transformation, and specializes in women's issues, anxiety, and PTSD with a focus on awareness.


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Amy Burkholder, CNAS, LDN Nutritionist

Amy offers health-based personalized nutrition recommendations that fit your health needs and lifestyle – important for success and lasting change.

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Christy Fenner, RYT-200,
Breath Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor

Christy offers positive and spiritual energy with a focus on self-love and acceptance in her yoga, breath coaching, and Reiki services.


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Gigi Nash, BA, JD, CPT
Personal Trainer, Belly Dance Instructor, Wellness Coach

Gigi is a personal fitness trainer & holistic wellness instructor, providing safe, accepting, and body-positive spaces to help with your unique goals.

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Scott Bristol, LGPC

Scott works with individuals, couples, and families with a focus on developing healthy relationship and communication skills.

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Katy Ryabova, E-RYT 200,
RYT 500, C-IAY
Yoga Therapist and Instructor

Katy can empower you to progress towards improved health and wellbeing in a collaborative and complementary manner using Yoga Therapy and classes.

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Kelly Stickney, MS, RYT 500,
Yoga Therapist and Instructor

Kelly offers a journey towards a life rich in spirit, passion, and vision. She’ll guide you on a path of self-discovery, compassion, and appreciation.

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Laura Zam
Sexuality Educator

Laura offers meditation, mindfulness, yoga for all bodies, and her own style of movement, YES! Yoga, as well as sexuality education.

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Lizzie Liu, LGPC

Lizzie offers a safe space for you to explore the complex emotions that come with life transitions. Everyone deserves an individualized healing plan.

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Dyuti Ganesh, MPA, LPA
Psychology Associate

Dyuti is a therapist who is passionate about helping you achieve your goal of feeling seen, heard, understood, and acknowledged..

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Dr. Rebeca Rios, PhD
Health Psychologist

Rebeca is an clinical psychologist who sees clients with anxiety, depression, and stress-linked health concerns such as pain and sleep disturbance.

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YangYi Chen, LAc,MAc

YangYi is attentively listens to what each person’s needs are, and then customizes a holistic treatment plan using various Chinese Medicine services.


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Dr. Zhongping Lu, MD, PhD, LAc
Acupuncturist and Chinese Herb Consultant

Dr. Lu is an anesthesiologist, scientist and licensed acupuncturist by training. His vision is to dissect diseases in a way crossing different medical systems.

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Jessica Martin, LCSW-C
Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Jessica is kind and empathetic and encourages her clients to practice and strengthen self-compassion and understand that all emotions are important.

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When You are Ready 

We Are Always 
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We know the journey is not always easy. That is why we provide multiple ways to get in touch with us. We honor and support your choice and journey.