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Don't Eat Your Veggies!!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Green Juice = Insurance Policy

I know many people who would be proud of themselves if they ate a spinach salad at lunch or if their child ate even one leaf of spinach - and rightfully so! I do not, however, know many people who will always choose the healthy alternative when they know they could have... well...something less...ahem, GREEN.

I have an obsession with green juice, so much so that I refer to it as my insurance policy. Due to all things "life" that get in the way every day I can't always commit to being 100% mindful about what I eat. My green juice is my "insurance policy" that I will eat fruits and veggies every day without anything bizarre added and without spending my life savings at a juice/smoothie bar.

Drink the Rainbow

Use your imagination and have fun with adjusting the following guidelines:

Juice Phase 1: 8oz OJ

Juice Phase 2: 6oz OJ, 2oz cucumber

Juice Phase 3: 6oz OJ, 3oz cucumber and 1/4C packed spinach (spinach is far less flavorful than kale but if you are up for it go for the kale as well) + water to bring it all together to your desired thin/thickness.

Juice Phase 4: 4oz OJ, 4oz cucumber, 1/2C packed spinach, 3oz frozen mango + water to bring it together.

Juice Phase 5: 2oz OJ, 4oz cucumber, 1/2C or more of packed spinach, 3oz frozen mango + water to bring it together

Juice Phase 6: NO OJ, 4oz cucumber, 1/2C or more packed spinach, 3oz frozen mango + water to bring it together

SERVE CHILLED! (No one likes to drink a warm salad...)

Veggie Tip: Spinach

This green is one of the richest in antioxidants of all the lettuce family members. It has tons of Lutein, which is a powerful phytonutrient that can reduce inflammation, protect the eyes, and possibly even improve strength, balance, and cognitive abilities.

Always steam or microwave (or eat raw). Boiling spinach will release all those wonderful phytonutrients right into the water that will be dumped down your drain.

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American soprano and actress Meghan McCall Sadan is a singer of many genres of music as well as a nutritionist and Grammy award winning vocal coach/teacher. She received her training at The University of Maryland Opera Studio (MM) and Northeastern University (BA).

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