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WORKSHOP: Yoga + Acupuncture, Sunday April 24th

Harnessing the Energy of the Taurus New Moon: Yoga + Acupuncture with Yangyi Chen and Kelly Stickney

Register Here: New Moon: Acupuncture + Yoga. Sunday, April 24 10am-12pm $45


Aha! Wellness Center

8630 Fenton St, Suite 328

Silver Spring, MD 20910

About Kelly:

About YangYi:


Setting an intention during the time of the new moon establishes a commitment to yourself for growth and renewal. The new moon symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings, and each month we have the opportunity to place our energy into a new project or to approach an ongoing situation with new perspective.

We know that Self-Care is the key to a strong foundation of wellbeing, as happiness and wellness are built from the inside out! Let this workshop set a foundation for you, as you spend time refining and visualizing your intention, then move through the energy with simple yoga techniques, and lay back into an acupuncture session and guided meditation.

This workshop series highlights the zodiac sign of the current new moon. With energy in Taurus we can focus on material comforts, the harmony of nature, and our inner strength to enhance our efforts of growth and achieving our goals!

You will be provided with a pen and intention worksheet, yoga props, and can indicate your needs/concerns regarding acupuncture. No prior experience with yoga or acupuncture necessary.

Questions? Contact us today!

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