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Physical Wellness Director

Personal Trainer

Belly Dancer


Offers Online Therapy

Gigi Nash

Personal Trainer, Belly Dancer Instructor, Wellness Coach

If you are seeking improved physical health and are looking for ways to make healthy lifestyle changes, working with a physical wellness expert may be the next step in your wellness journey. Traditional methods of getting fit and gaining strength evolve over time, and our work together will be geared towards adapting to your body’s changing needs so your practice can stay with you throughout your lifetime. If we work towards focusing on the connection between your body and other elements of your being, then your energy for other passions and relationships in your life will increase in capacity. 

I find it rewarding and fulfilling to help motivate my students, as well as advocate for their overall wellbeing. One of my favorite mantras is wellness = wealth. It is a gift that we give ourselves. I offer my clients a wealth of tools to help pave a pathway to healthy living that can last a lifetime. Together we will move away from dry routines where something seems to be missing. Rather, we will have meaningful and authentic conversations about what a personalized and holistic wellness plan would work best for you. Your plan may include elements that include, but are not limited to: strength and flexibility training, yoga, moving dance meditation, belly dance, mat Pilates, meditation, and other fields of fitness. I will stay in tune with your energy on any given day, and we will adjust your routine according to your needs and bandwidth, while still encouraging you to grow.

Prior to my current career, I earned my Juris Doctorate and worked in the legal field for over 10 years. However, for the last 20 years I have been connected to fitness & wellness. During my entire career, I learned to value multidisciplinary work and creative approaches to problem solving. When appropriate, we will partner with other providers and design a unique plan geared to get you the results you have been looking for.

My professional background includes the following certifications: AFAA/NASM Personal Trainer, AFAA/NASM Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA/NASM, G.E.A.R. Cycle Instructor, AFAA Mat Pilates Specialization, Certified Les Mills BodyFlow Instructor, Certified Belly Dance Instructor and Wellness Workshop Leader and Facilitator.

Preferred Pronouns



  • Anxiety, Body Positivity

  • Pain Management 

  • Spiritual Growth 

  • Strength Training

  • Women’s Health

  • Holistic Fitness

  • Meditation and Mindfulness



  • Belly Dance

  • Moving Meditation

  • Dance Workshops

  • Personal Training - Group and Individual

  • Mat Pilates

  • Virtual Personal Training

  • Group Fitness Classes

  • Yoga and Body Awareness


  • Free 15 min Initial Phone Consultation

  • Cost Per Class/Session:
    Group class prices listed under Studio Schedule page
    Individual studio appointments $45 (1Hr) Session, $180 4-(1Hr) Sessions

    Personal Training 

  • Insurance: Unavailable

  • Sliding Scale: Unavailable



To make an appointment with the provider, please do one of the following:

(443) 774-0756

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