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We understand the challenges of finding qualified trauma-conscious professionals, and can do the investigative work for you.

Our integrated network is designed with your comfort in mind so that you can find what you need without doing the work. 

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Learn about different types of medical specialties, and how to create a medical team specializing in supporting trauma-survivors.

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A moving meditation focused on lifting up your spirit, energy, and sense of connection with yourself and others. Provides aerobic exercise, body awareness, and energetic release. No experience necessary. Appropriate for all ages, genders, and abilities.


Individual or group cardio exercises and strength training using holistic elements and empowerment. Develop a sense of empowerment, and increased focus, flexibility, and functionality. 

Chiropractic Treatment

Personalized solutions for treating pelvic floor issues in a trauma-conscious way. Opens up the possibility of reduced pain and discomfort. Upon request, we can consult with your other specialists.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Learn about minimally processed Chinese herbs customized for your health needs, and about how different formulas affect each other. Supports physical and mental health-related concerns. 


Trauma-conscious, sexuality education sessions with an expert. Learn skills for navigating low libido, pain, triggers, shame, and other issues related to trauma experiences. Stand-alone, touch-free sessions offer specific tools that help optimize potential.

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Improve your quality of life, relationships with yourself and others, and sense of hope. We specialize in trauma, identity, life transitions, relationships, anxiety, depression, and other concerns. Variety of approaches and specialties available.

Girl Relaxing

Analyzing respiratory function, and identifying patterns of breath that may not be operating optimally. Learn corrective exercises to relearn effective breathing habits to ease a variety of symptoms, increase relaxation, and restore balance. Used for medical and emotional symptoms relief.

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Strengthening and stretching movements and poses focused on your mind and body. Enhances relaxation, strength, flexibility, and other goals. Relief from pain, anxiety, PTSD, and other concerns. Offered individually or as a group online and in person.


Stimulation of points along your energy meridians using your fingertips. Reduce pain, improves circulation and relaxation, and releases endorphins.

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Empowering you to start feeling confident about your health and wellbeing, using counseling, techniques, and fresh ideas. Learn ways of making mindful and enjoyable eating plans and improving your digestive tract.

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Combination of talk therapy and elements of yoga including: breath, relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness. For stress, pain, healthy aging, neurological issues, mental and emotional health, pregnancy, and other concerns.

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

Core (trunk) exercises centered on increasing joint mobility, flexibility, balance, and body awareness. Movements are focused on intentional stretching and holding positions. Can be tailored to accommodate various skill levels and abilities.

Physical Therapy Session

Use of techniques such as joint mobilization, muscle energy, dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, and myofascial release. Receive information on the nature of your injury and how to return to optimal function and health.


Acupuncture uses gentle stimulations just below the skin to communicate with the body's innate healing abilities. Supports pain, range of motion, sleep, and other wellness goals.  Cupping uses soft silicone or glass cups to gently massage muscles and fascia (connective tissue) to help relax and reduce pain. 

Reiki with Christy and Marianne 2.jpg

Promotes emotional and spiritual healing by restoring balance and harmony to the body’s energy flow. Practitioners place their hands in a series positions on or near the body to treat and soothe specific areas. Supports relaxation and stress reduction, emotional and spiritual harmony, balance, clarity, sleep, and other areas of personal growth. 


Mental health and medical challenges affect many elements of wellness. Rather than navigating the healthcare industry in silos, we offer custom interdisciplinary treatment teams from various fields. Request a consultation to see which combination of professionals may be a part of your team.

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