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Adelle Deriquito


Yoga Therapist and Instructor

If you are moved to heal from issues related to anxiety and complex PTSD, the classes I'm offering may be helpful. They are aimed to help you feel less stress, and increase awareness of your  internal experience. In essence, we will befriend the body with all its emotions, sensations, and changes. For someone that is experiencing chronic stress, this practice helps cultivate the skills that would allow you to feel safe and grounded during your daily life. I hope you find these classes to be a safe space to restore and ground yourself each week.

I integrate the techniques and styles that I learned as a trauma-informed yoga teacher and as a mental health counselor. The trauma-Informed approach is one that emphasizes safety and empowerment. You will learn self-regulation skills specific to restoring balance to your nervous system. The meditations, themes, and postures draw upon a sense of “choice” and connection to the body, emotions, and thoughts. I will offer a variety of contemplative practices, with core mindfulness skills, and somatic experiencing to explore what it means to be embodied. 

If you are interested in joining a group class to manage stress and anxiety you are welcome to check out the classes that are being offered each week. If you are interested in one-on-one, please contact me so we can create personalized goals to fit your unique needs.

Preferred Pronouns



  • Anxiety

  • Post Traumatic Stress

  • Relaxation


  • Trauma-Informed Yoga



  • Free 15 min Initial Phone Consultation

  • Cost Per Class/Session:
    Group class prices listed under studio schedule;
    Individual studio appointments $45 (1Hr) Session, $180 4-(1Hr) Sessions

  • Insurance: Unavailable

  • Sliding Scale: Unavailable



To make an appointment with the provider, please do one of the following:

(301) 941-7009