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Moving Forward.

 Mind & Body Wellness + Trauma Support

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What Does Aha! Offer?

We know the journey is not always easy. At Aha! Wellness Center we recognize that no one person is the same. Our team of licensed practitioners specialize in mental health, physical wellness, and holistic services. We work together to create a welcoming, integrated and customized wellness plan to fit your specific goals.

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How Is Aha! Right For You?

When one has an “Aha” moment, it’s a moment of clarity. It’s a moment of peace. It’s a moment where the pieces of the puzzle seem to click and things make sense. At Aha! Wellness Center, we believe that awareness, collaboration, and empowerment are essential for mind-body health. Together, we can move forward, feel whole and find freedom. 

Feeling stuck?  Release what no longer supports you, and cultivate what empowers and inspires you.

Move Forward

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Feeling disconnected from yourself and others?  Find internal and external harmony using a whole health approach.

Feel Whole

Do you feel controlled or a lack of freedom?  Learn to identify options, and choose change.

Find Freedom

Are you looking for acceptance, encouragement, and empathy?  Our inclusive community welcomes you.


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How We Provide Support

The Aha! Wellness Team works collaboratively to offer you multidisciplinary and customizable wellness plans.


Find what inspires you.


Customize your wellness plan.


Contact us via email, phone, or text.

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When You are Ready 

We Are Always 
Here for You.

We know the journey is not always easy. That is why we provide multiple ways to get in touch with us. We honor and support your choice and journey.